Hi! I'm Ingrid Jeffers and in short, I am a Creative Strategist.

Here are the highlights:

  • I am passionate about helping others find the courage to pursue their dreams and follow through with a plan.
  • I tend to co-create a lot of things with God including books and games.
  • I am really good at teaching and developing curriculum that educates, establishes, equips, and empowers people to move in their destiny.
  • I live to be an ambassador of Christ and I come alive helping His people do the same.

Often times, I imagine that I must walk about with this invisible sign on my head, seen only by dreamers or the lost that reads, “You’re Welcome Here.” Why? Because colleagues, strangers, and friends continually seek me out for strategy, advice, and encouragement. I love those moments of sitting down over a meal or a cup of coffee plotting and planning how to pour out our lives for Jesus.