Draw Near to Me

Draw Near to Me is a creative devotional journal for people who want to have fun with God, while being transformed by His love and empowered by His presence.

Embark on an 8 Week Journey of Creating with the Father

Get ready to feel your heart transformed and the realness of your relationship with God as Father manifest before your very eyes. You will spend your days surrounded by color, creating with your Papa God, thinking over the daily scriptures, sharing your heart, asking Him questions and listening to His responses.

Week 1 - Created & Chosen

Week 2 - Love & Loved

Week 3 - The Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit

Week 4 - Confess & Repent

Week 5 - Protection & Provision

Week 6 - Meaning & Purpose

Week 7 - Equipped & Empowered

Week 8 - Unleashed & Released

Group Curriculum

Group Curriculum

Draw Near to Me is also a small group curriculum. There are a set of Growing Closer discussion questions for each of the 8 weeks. Gather a group of friends and set off on this adventure together.

Key Devotional Components

Key Devotional Components

Each daily devotion includes a scripture, reflective questions, prayer prompts and creative instructions.

Make Mistakes, Get Messy

Make Mistakes, Get Messy

Loving and utilizing your God-given ability to create is a key gift of this devotion. Perfection and drawing skills are not required.


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Draw Near to God and He will Draw Near to You

God not only loves the obedient - He enlightens them.
Henry B. Eyring

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If you are ready to walk in your God-given identity and bring God's love and healing power to the world around you—grab your paintbrush.

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The Author

Risk Taker

Ingrid is the founder of the innocent rebels movement, which teaches Christians how to embrace a lifestyle of risk to show people that Jesus cares and loves them outrageously. She wholeheartedly believes that everyone needs a God encounter and this belief was the impetus to the Draw Near to Me creative devotional journal. She is convinced that having fun with God should be an integral part of every believer’s life. Scripture tells us that those who know their God will do great exploits. Papa God is essentially inviting every believer on an adventure. Are you game?

In addition to teaching, Ingrid is the People and Organizational Development Manager for an internationally recognized disability agency.  Ingrid also loves spending time with her four-year-old niece, who knows how to start a dance party at any moment, go from crying to joy in a millisecond and find a way to go on an adventure despite adverse weather conditions.

Overall, using creativity to help people pursue their God-given purpose and become world changers is an ongoing passion of Ingrid’s.

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