Be Ready In Season and Out

Meet David.

My eyes were half shut and my brain half asleep as I rode up the beautiful Bay Area coastline on a charcoal foggy day. The water didn’t shine crystal blue but more of a muddy green. Made you wonder what could live in the opaque sewage colored waves.

Nodding off once again my head rose up quickly and my eyes popped open as I saw a tall man quickly move past me. Who was that? I quickened. My attention span shortened to only behold him.

Do I know him? Church? No. Business? No. Prayer? Yes. I saw his blue windbreaker and blue jeans this morning while on the Shiloh Prayer Perimeter.

This morning we took a collective pause for 1 minute to ask God what did He want to say to us. When God spoke, I saw this man’s clothing and I saw a train.

Well, I’m on a train and here he is. Where did he go? 9 rows back, on the left near the window sitting down.

No. You are sleepy, Ingrid. He looks busy. Just sit down. Don’t bother him after a long day of work. But, my clues I thought? Looking down at the paper I saw the words that came forth at the same time of the vision. ONLY BE BOLD AND COURAGEOUS.

My feet moved before my brain could reason my hindparts back into my seat. I have nothing to say I thought.

Hi, I’m playing a game and it requires that we get to find people. It’s called Salt and Light. He looked at me with raised eyebrows bewildered by my introduction.

I’m sorry, I’m still sleepy I said. I’m Ingrid. Hi, I’m David.

Sorry about that as I showed him my quick notes from this morning. See you are wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans and we are on a train. I’m supposed to encounter you today.

He said ok. Well, what am I suppose to do?

Well, do you need prayer for anything? Uh.. He responded. Interrupted by the train operator who gave a long very detailed announcement about snacks, our ride, the bathrooms, luggage, and seating arrangements. We looked at each other confused. The prior announcements hadn’t been this long, why now?

His seatmate took this as his opportunity to make a run for it. I skooted out his way.

I could use prayer for work, David confidently said. I’m very stressed. Thank You, Jesus I thought. This was actually going to work out. You reward risk.

That’s when I got bold too.

David, when I first saw you I knew you were a man with ideas and dreams looking for investors to get behind you financially and with encouragement. I pray that God would open up those doors to see your dreams come to past. Because your business will actually create platforms for others to achieve their dreams.

David’s face had a satisfied smile on it as he nodded in agreement. I said Jesus sent me here to encourage you and I believe that you will see a turnaround. He grabbed my hand and held as I continued to pray.

At the end of the prayer, he didn’t let go. He just held my hand and received the word of the Lord. His expression reminded me of someone who stepped outside after a long day inside and just basked in the sun. Gazing up and receiving the warmth that only comes from the Son.

For a moment there was just silence and we didn’t move from it. I was confused. But then I realized David had recognized the presence of God and His goodness. And he wasn’t too quick to move from the moment that was happening on Capitol Corridor Train 536 Oakland to Sacramento.

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