New Adventure

Meet Aadi and Siva.

Two guys with amazing smiles and a passion for riding. On my first SALT & LIGHT quest, I got to share some quality time with these amazing friends.

I had the quest card that said go to a place that you have never been before and encourage someone to stay adventurous. I walked the whole span of the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge before I found these two taking a break.

Their smiles were so inviting. I didn’t have a word as I approached them, but then I heard France. I asked if either of them wanted to do a bike tour in France. They said not at the moment because we can’t afford it. I said I am on this quest and I strongly felt that one of you may want to do a tour in Europe in France. Then Aadi spoke up and said that’s probably for me because I’m doing a tour in Africa this summer. We chatted about the upcoming tour and I encouraged him to remain hopeful about his desire to go to France and ride in Europe. They were all smiles and gladly accepted the quest card.

Now the goodness that comes from God that flowed through me unto them will continue to spread and spread as they pass the card along encouraging other travelers and adventures to stay encouraged and adventurous.

My first small step out of lethargy. I can’t wait for the increase that risk brings. God always rewards risk because without risk/faith it is impossible to please Him. Onward to greater encounters and the miraculous.

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