What’s Your Dream Job?

Meet Emmanuel.

As I was leaving Children’s Hospital, after visiting my little cousin and heading to the parking lot I realized my next stop was home and I hadn’t finished my Salt & Light quest.

This morning I picked the quest card that challenges you to speak to a stranger and ask them what their dream job would be and why. When I silently prayed about who I would encounter today, I saw an image of someone wearing a long sleeve blue jacket. Throughout the day I kept a keenĀ eye on my surroundings looking for this treasure. But I couldn’t find the right person.

As I fumbled for my parking ticket to pay in order to exit, I looked up to see that the parking attendant was wearing a blue long sleeve jacket and had a book laid open on the valet podium. Was that mathematics on the page?

Yes! I approached him and introduced myself. I told him I was on a quest and today I needed to talk to a stranger about their dream job.

Emmanuel was friendly with warm eyes that twinkled in the darkness. He gladly played along and shared that he is a Mechanical Engineer by training and degree. However, he recently immigrated to America and has to pass a certain test and gain references to secure a new job in his desired field.

I asked if I could pray for him. He asked do you read the Bible? I said yes. He said my name is Emmanuel like Jesus in the Bible. I said I know. He then gave me permission to pray.

We didn’t hold hands, we just looked at each other as we went before the Father on his behalf for favor and grace. I then shared Gods heart for him to succeed and be generous in leaving a legacy for future generations.

He thanked me for encouraging him and said he needed it with a wide toothy smile.

I asked Emmanuel are you a Christian? He said yes. I said well brother it was a pleasure to meet you and pray with you. Likewise, he responded.

We held hands and said our goodbyes.

One hello shifted the atmosphere and what could have been a mundane evening on the job turned into joy being released and the future looking brighter.

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